Friday, May 20, 2011

V8 prototype details - 3 weeks

This version focused on trying to keep the finger rigid while allowing the skin to breathe and heal.

It has been working great so far and my skin has mostly recovered from v7 prototype.

This is just a theory, but one possible advantage of this design is that it doesn't cause pressure on the tendon that's healing. All the previous prototypes rested down the back of the finger and any bending of the DIP joint would cause medial pressure to the tendon area.

Here is a short video to help understand how the design looks.

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TomN said...

Additional attributes of the version:
- Plastic has a subtle blue color. This wasn't intentional; however, I like it. It seems to make the plastic seem cleaner over time (e.g. hides dirt).
- Using closure tape around the nail isn't interfering with typing and does take a good amount of stress off the nail. Also, it's easier to change the dressing using it.
- This prototype is about 5mm to close to the knuckle joint.