Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Patient #2 successful

I served as an adviser for the fitting of a mallet splint on someone yesterday.

Instead of my 11 week check-up. I visited the doctor's office and helped install one of my splint designs on a patient who was frustrated by the traditional splint.

Understandably, he seemed a little hesitant at first; however, after watching me (since I was wearing one), he became less concerned.

I was so focused on helping with the splint, I forgot to get photos. I'll try to get some and post here.

[edit: got photos from Kevin. Thanks!]
Kevin's splint.

Kevin's splint. Top view

Kevin's splint. 45 degree view.

[Looks like he's switched to using a band-aid instead of the wound closure strips. It might be easier in the early days of the splint to use something stronger until the wearer gets used to not trying to bend the finger.]

Supporting documents

I created some documents to hand out with the splint. They are ok, but my friend Erin who's in the pharma space says all handout ('tear-aways') need to be written for a 6th grade level.

How to care for your mallet-finger splint

It was a little strange fitting the splint on someone else. I've gotten used to the tactile feedback of crafting it on my own hand.

One thing the doctor's splint specialist had was a pre-heated pan of water that was exactly at softening temperature for the thermal plastic.

I also watched her fit a custom splint on a different patient using large thermal plastic sheets riveted with tiny holes. Here's a small sample she gave me.

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