Friday, April 29, 2011

custom finger tip splint

I hurt my finger yesterday. Something called a Mallet Finger. Doesn't hurt, but needs to be in a splint for 6 weeks. Going to see a specialist on Monday but needed to splint the finger until then.

I break out the prototyping thermosoftening plastic and start testing designs.

If you don't own thermosoftening plastic (brand is Adapt-It Pellets), go online and buy some. I use this stuff constantly to fix stuff and make small things. It can be melted with a blow drier or boiling water, then has a working time of a few minutes (with bare hands) before it cools and becomes super hard.

The other revisions were too bulking and made my finger sweaty. (Shown in background.)

- It looks like a simple piece of straight plastic, but the it's actually shaped on the finger facing surface so as to fit perfectly.
- The tip is superglued to the back of my finger nail to hold it in place
- Using a band-aid to hold the base in place works well because bandaids are designed to breath, stretch, etc.

It's working out great since the finger tip is exposed and I can actually type... well, the M and the "," keys are tricky, but otherwise it's comfortable, solid, doesn't get in the way of doing most things.

Here are some more close-ups. The base near my knuckle is wider under the bandaid.

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