Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Next iteration for finger splint

For the next iteration, I think I'll make the fingernail-side tip a bit fatter.

Note: The tip finally came loose today after being attached for 4 days. These days included taking hot showers, doing dishes (dish soap), washing hands, etc. A bigger surface area for the superglue might offer a longer hold, so a fatter tip might be useful.

It looks like the glue stayed attached to the plastic not the nail. There are glues made for attaching fake nails that might be better suited. I'm not sure how they differ from superglue.

I was kind of waiting to see what the doctor thought before going nuts trying to glue the splint to the fingernail.

I managed to not let my finger bend; however, I did bend it a little this morning when changing the bandaid.

I will try to document if/when I bend the finger since doing so will reset my healing time.

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