Tuesday, May 24, 2011

V8 - One week later

I've been wearing v8 prototype for almost a week now. Here are some photos showing the condition of the splint and the underlying skin. 

Finger nail close-up shows that the nail has grown a little. I've re-applied nail hardener (some random brand from Walgreen's Sally Hansen Complete Care). It seems to hold to the nail and the superglue well.

The skin has fully recovered from my failed v7 prototype.

One trick is to place a thin gauze under the splint at night or after it's been wet too long.

Another trick is to secure the nail at night or when I expect to be doing something that might stress the splint.
It doe make it mildly harder to type, but with a thin (3mm) closure tape (3M brand), it's not very noticeable and does take a lot of stress off the nail.

The position of the tape is important. Placing the finger-tip tape (distral) closer to the hand helps with typing while placing the back (proximal) tape away from the finger fold helps with circulation. 

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