Wednesday, June 1, 2011

V8 - Removed May 28 - 4 weeks

I finally removed v8 on May 28th. (Just posting updates now.)

Removing it from the nail was a bit tricky, but here's what I did:

  1. Used nail polish remover to expose edge between nail and plastic.
  2. Soaked nail in a warm olive oil path to dissolve superglue. 
  3. Used dental pick to wedge and separate plastic from the nail.

Here's the nail area with residue glue:
May 28th - V8 removed

Health of the nail isn't bad despite how these photos look. My real issue is the joint where the tendon is. 

There is some slight swelling from where the prototype was rubbing against the skin. I also think there is some skin damage from my heat gun modifying the prototype while on my finger.

May 20th "tweaking" - heat gun was a bad idea.
Added padding to help with skin irritation.
May 23rd - stared using some padding

I did you a heat shield (pictured under my finger), but that my not have been enough.

May 28th

It seems to be mostly a skin issue and nothing deeper. V9 will attempt to address this issue by giving more space and being smoother.

The splint was modified a couple of days before to try and make it last and fit the finger better. Here's how the splint looked when it came off the finger:

Originally here's how it looked:

May 18th - v8 was new

You'll notice it's shorter and contoured to the finger a bit more. I should have removed v8 instead of trying to modify it in place, but I was curious if it could be done.

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