Wednesday, June 1, 2011

v9 - Can I reproduce v8?


  • Reproduce a v8
  • Give a bit more space to the skin (thicker at the nail)
  • Make it a little shorter so it's not so close the the knuckle.
V9 - May 29th
This version has some discoloration from the black rubber tubing used to make the prototype. So, I decided to cover the base with white nail polish.

Theory for trying nail polish coating:
  1. Make it more attractive (smoother, more consistent color)
  2. Make it more resistant to heat. The thermal plastic melts at 140 degrees. Hot water can soften the long, thin parts (e.g. doing dishes).
  3. Make it stronger. Nail polish is more ridged than thermalplastic.
  1. The white polish wasn't opaque enough to cover black impurities from rubber molding process. Different color might work.
  2. Did help retain shape of prototype.
  3. Did seem much stronger.
  4. However the edge where the polish met the plastic became tattered and sharp.

June 1st - Notice sharp edge of polish
I fixed this by cutting off edge with a razor and covering with a band-aid (temp fix):
June 1st - Bandaid padding.

Extra padding under knuckle end give some more space to the skin for it to rest. Does allow some bending of the DIP joint.

Plastic Ring

I experimented with a "ring" part for the prototype a few days earlier, but moisture was annoying
May 29th - Plastic "ring" experiment
Ring was shaped thermal plastic and was very snug. Initially, it was comfortable and held well; however, moister was annoying. It may be ok for other people; however, I don't wear rings because of this issue.

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