Thursday, June 2, 2011

v10 Splint - 35 days

Removing v9 splint

Removed v9 today. I've gotten pretty good at removing them from the nail. See my v8 post for steps.

Some tricks:

  • Take your time.
  • Hold finger against thumb to keep it straight.
  • Alternate between olive oil on q-tip, dental pick and a little heat (110 degrees).
Removing v9 splint - Use opposition with thumb to hold finger straight.

Condition of finger

Skin on back of the DIP joint isn't looking so great. A bit of swelling caused by pressure on either side of the finger where the splint presses against the skin.

Wrinkles are from removing the splint and washing hands

Red area is between splint edges.
Underside of finger is fine.
Side view.
Comparing same finger from left and right hands.

Condition of v9 Splint

v9 condition after removal- top view

v9 Bottom View

Making Splint v10

I decided to try some new things in this revision:

  • Deeper color to give splint a cleaner look over time.
  • Raise the splint away from the skin (taller at the nail)
  • Spread out the tongs of the wishbone so they touch the sides of the finger.
Making this revision was much easier than v8 and v9. Some tricks:
  • Clean rubber tubes used to shape plastic
  • Get plastic tubes the right diameter (thinner) before placing into tubes.
Spread tubes to may a "V" shape

Increase height above nail to keep splint away from skin

Finished splint.
I've been wearing this splint for about 12 hours and irritated skin is feeling much better (fingers crossed ... on the left hand).

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