Monday, June 20, 2011

v12 and finger casts - 53 days

In an attempt to make splint creation more "patient friendly". I've decided to create quick, plastic finger casts and do the splint creation based on that casting.

Using a dental alginate and Smooth-Cast 300Q, I can make a very solid, realistic cast in < 10 minutes.

This allows me to heat the plastic while it's on the finger cast and change the angle while fitting the splint.

The black from rubber tubing does rub off cast (as seen in the photos) and the 300Q does require a Mold Release coating, but it's working very well.

This iteration of the splint, I attempt to make it very wide and didn't bother with coloring it. I feel like I understand how to make the splint a nice medical blue; however, it can be very messy if I'm not careful.

Lifting finger to show max gap

Finger cast after splint formed

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