Wednesday, June 22, 2011

v13 - Vinyl tubing experiment

I've been using rubber tubing to shape the thermalplastic because the plastic doesn't stick to the rubber. I tried vinyl tubing, but the that material instantly bonded to the plastic.

Then I got the "bright idea" that I could just use the soft vinyl as part of the splint. (I'm being a bit sarcastic with bright idea since it seems kind of obvious now).

I created a tool to split the vinyl tubing laterally down the center. Then added colored thermalplastic to the inside of the half-tube. Shaping was *much* easier.

Here are the results:
Splint with sample of vinyl tubing used.

Bottom of splint. Vinyl tubing visible.

Finished splint mounted. I think it's a little too short.

back view

View of side with finger arced back. (used when drying under splint)

Side view with finger bent. No movement, but proximal side of splint should extend closer to MCP joint.

Condition of the finger after removing splint v12

V12 was touching the skin. You can see indents where.

Side view of finger after v12

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