Saturday, June 25, 2011

v13 Update - 58 Days

Version 13 (with the vinyl tubing integration) is working well. It does need a bit more thermal plastic to increase rigidity and I added some more plastic at the proximal end get it closer to the knuckle.

I was thinking more about this design approach and realize it has some very clear advantages:

  • Easier to shape against finger.
    The vinyl doesn't stick to finger and holds the plastic in place better.
  • Cleaner look.
    Tubing keeps edges straight and the overall look is much neater.
  • Prepped materials for quicker install.
    The plastic can be pre-inserted into tubing that is too long and when the patient comes in for a visit, a doctor can cut them to the correct length, reheat and fit in < 10 minutes. 
I've got some materials prepared for my doctor to try out on other mallet finger patients.

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