Thursday, July 14, 2011

v13 removal - 77 days

I want to work on a tutorial for making splints from scratch, so I created a v14 and removed v13.

Version 13 with the vinyl tubing was working great even after 22 days. Comfortable and stable. The tip did come loose twice and I replaced it with fresh thermal plastic and reapplied. (You can see the white tip on the splint.)

Removing v13

Condition of finger.
Underside, vinyl tubing still smooth.

Another angle.  
 You can see the vinyl tubing has held up better than the thermal plastic.

Top view.

The white tip is from a repair job I did a couple of days ago when the superglue started to weaken.

The solution is to remove the splint using nail polish remover. Then, heat the tip and use a razor blade to cut away glue. Since the plastic become soft and semi-transparent when heated and the glue does not, it is trivial to cut off.

After removing glue, a small amount of new thermal plastic was added to the tip and reapplied.

I did use a nail glue designed for fake fingernails instead of superglue. It seemed to hold better.

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